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 Violin & Viola Coaching

My personalised Violin/Viola Teaching Program will give you the fundamental music theories and techniques you need to succeed in your practice. Forget the lack of time for studying, keeping your motivation up or not having a clear roadmap for your practice. 
All this in a straightforward and easy way to understand, adjusted to every level. I will help you be aware of the interlocking mechanisms between your body and the instrument with a training I’ve tested in my daily practice as a professional touring musician.
As a result I’ve developed a plan with exercises and specific weekly challenges. My classes are for violin and viola students of all levels who wish to develop their own musical personality as well a solid technique.

With this program you'll learn that playing violin & viola is easy... if you know how! 


What you'll learn

Master a solid technical foundation 

and get rid of bad old habits by understanding the fundamental principles of violin technique. Learn how to integrate your daily movements in the approach to the instrument. Bringing awareness and balance to your playing.

Tools for making your practice work for you

by simultaneously learning about music theory and history  you will be able to become independent and creative in your own practice. As a result you'll expand your musical influences and develop your creativity.

Create a reliable study routine

that will keep you motivated by saving you time. I will help you find out what works best for you, by showing you the most effective steps tailored to your needs. You will learn how to study properly and effectively.

Nurture a positive and encouraging inner critic

by understanding your thought process you will be able to optimise your playing. Many times your beliefs may hold you back from reaching your desired goals. This is the reason why it is important to address our limiting beliefs through the correct use of language.

Develop your own musical ideas

you will be capable to adapt new exercises to your own evolving musical needs. My main goal is that you learn the tools that will ultimately help you communicate emotions, musical ideas and develop your own musical personality.

After 20 years of teaching and helping students find their own organic way, I’ve developed a straightforward process that works for you if you are:

Ready to create a consistent practice 


Stuck with old habits with no idea how to improve your technique 


Waiting for the evasive perfect moment when you feel good enough to play in front of someone else


Struggling to find the time to practice


Just getting started and think playing violin requires a special talent


You're in the right place and I'm going to help you and give you the knowledge, tools and guidance you need to finally achieve your violin playing goals.


Watch me teaching a violin student

w/ Rob Landes

Watch this video to see how I teach new violin students

I Hired PRO Violin Teachers and Pretended to be a Beginner...
Riproduci Video


How I teach 

I show students of all levels with a genuine passion for music how to optimise and amplify their practice to achieve their goals and unlock their creative potential.

  • I design individualised lesson plans, in order to enhance the students natural talents. Originality is something to aspire to!

  • I employ the Socratic method, which involves asking questions and encouraging introspection, during lessons in order to get students thinking about the fundamental ways in which they approach playing an instrument.  Often the lesson turns into a exchange that allows the student to be an active participant in their own learning.



Ultimately, I want students to develop their own innovative way of thinking and playing.  Students can get a sense of this early on during individual lessons where I introduce and incorporate elements of improvisation to help develop creativity and self expression.




Mara had the most profound impact on my musical trajectory. She is also the reason I started taking my music project seriously. My lack of confidence faded as my inspiration grew from her broad passion, deep knowledge and patience.

- Diane H.

violin student, interior & set designer

France / Ghana


What you'll get

When you enroll in my program

4 sessions of 40 minutes

tailored according to your specific needs

Recording of the sessions

To review at your own pace


explaining the main subjects we work during the sessions, example pictures and relevant links

Asynchronous Feedback

I encourage my students to submit a video during each week to check your study progress and be better prepared for next lesson

Solo Violin/Viola arrangement 

of a piece you'd like to play

Full help and support 

I’ll offer my time to answer your questions any moment during the week

(A €460 Value)

Individual Lesson 

Violin - Viola

Contact me for a FREE 20 minute consultation 

Let's talk about your goals and answer any questions.

When in doubt, reach out!


  • 10 lessons of 30 minutes 

Individual Lesson 

Violin - Viola

Contact me for a FREE 20 minute consultation 

Let's talk about your goals and answer any questions.

When in doubt, reach out!


  • 10 lessons of 45 minutes 

Individual Lesson 

Violin - Viola

Contact me for a FREE 20 minute consultation 

Let's talk about your goals and answer any questions.

When in doubt, reach out!


  • 10 lessons of 60 minutes


combinación ideal


I have shared various projects, recordings and stages with Mara on many occasions. Mara has always amazed me with her high level of professionalism. She has an ideal combination that is not easy to find in musicians: great technique, deep musicality, and an open and flexible mind. I recommend her classes 100%.

—  Federico Nathan

violinist Metropole Orkest

Lecturer Berklee  College of Music Valencia



Meet Mara

A Violin-Viola Coach & Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner, classical and electronic musician, professional traveler exploring the world.

Since starting teaching the violin in my teenage years, my vision has been to develop my practice in a body conscious, mindful and effective way and to empower my students to do the same. So that YOU can optimise your technique practice and find your creative voice.


My students are absolutely passionate about their musical journey. As their coach I help them become confident, independent and original players who can develop the tools to create and communicate emotions on their own terms. 


I’ve recorded and performed with top players and ensembles including H. Schellenberger, Snarky Puppy (Grammy award winning), Junkie XL,  European Baroque Orchestra as principal viola and European Chamber Orchestra as co-principal. Playing in concert halls around the world such as the Berliner Philharmoniker (DE), Concertgebouw (NL), Centro Cultural Kirchner (ARG), UNESCO (FR). As well as working as a string teacher at Instrumenta Festival (Oaxaca, MEX), teacher assistant at the Liceu Conservatory (Barcelona, ES) and extern jury member at the conservatories of ARTEZ, Arnhem and CODARTS, Rotterdam (NL).


Next to my Musical Performance Master Degree and Musical Research University Master focused on Artificial Intelligence. I’m a Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner, certified in Emotional Intelligence As A Tool For Teaching and Neuroscience Applied To Education coach.


That’s my story in a nutshell. For the extended version click below!


Let's talk!

Valencia - Amsterdam - La Habana  |  Tel: +31614052487

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Thanks for reaching out!

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