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Private Studio 

With over 15 years of experience, teaching the violin and viola has always been one of my great interests. I teach from different schools of instruction – and I make sure that the approach and methods that I employ are situationally appropriate for each student by constructing individualised lesson plans. I’m mainly specialized in classes of intermediate and higher level and also advise on the preparation work for entrance exams and auditions. My teaching method at an early stage focuses on the technical aspects of working with the instrument. During classes we also discuss basic philosophical and historical concepts to lay a knowledge base from which we will develop musical creativity from the beginning. In my opinion, it is essential that students reflect on their individual approach, constantly aspiring to work on their own musical personality and actively develope their critical thinking.
Another essential aspect is the production of sound through organic contact and movements with the instrument, respecting the needs of our body. Paying special attention to promoting a posture that supports musical discourse, while freeing us from tension. It is very important to work from an understanding of how body and instrument mechanics work together.

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