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Violin & Viola Lessons

My classes are for violin and viola students who wish to develop their own musical personality as well as solid technique.

We'll work on the specific language and technique of the style you want to develop (baroque, classical, tango).


After 20 years of teaching and helping students find their own natural way, I’ve developed a straightforward process that works if you are:

Just getting started and think playing violin requires a special talent


Stuck with old habits with no idea how to improve your technique 


Waiting for the evasive perfect moment when you feel good enough to play in front of someone else


Struggling to find the time to practice


Passionate about your love for music and violin playing  


Ready to create a consistent practice 

You're in the right place and I'm going to help you and give you the knowledge, tools, and guidance you need to finally achieve your violin playing goals.

With my lessons you will:

Learn a solid technical foundation

Develop your own musical ideas

Create a positive and encouraging  inner critic

Know how to create your own excersices

Create a reliable practice routine

Apply professional musicians practice routines


Teaching a beginner violin student w/ Rob Landes

Watch this video to see how I teach new violin students

Teaching has always been one of the things I enjoy the most. Specially when it comes to discovering how the students think, to show them that the only limitations with the instrument are the ones that they set to themselves, most of the time unconsciously. I’ve always believed that there are no challenging students, just different ways of communicating the same idea. 

The past year brought many changes and evolution. Sometimes difficult to accept, some others (un)expected and serendipitous. But always meaningful and learnful. One of the most enriching experiences for me has been being able to build a multicultural class with students from India, Saudi Arabia, China, USA, Denmark, Norway, Peru, Venezuela, Spain, England and hopefully still expanding... 


It was so much fun being a part of it! What is it that motivates you more when teaching or learning an instrument? 💫

Federico Nathan

violinist Metropole Orkest, lecturer Berklee  College of Music Valencia


“He compartido diversos proyectos, grabaciones y escenarios con Mara en muchas ocasiones . Mara siempre me ha sorprendido con su alto nivel de profesionalismo . Ella tiene una combinación ideal que no es fácil de encontrar en los músicos: gran técnica, musicalidad profunda y una mente abierta y flexible . Recomiendo sus clases al 100%.”


Diane Habiyaremye

violin student

France / Ghana

“Mara had the most profound impact on my musical trajectory. She is also the reason I started taking my music project seriously. My lack of confidence faded as my inspiration grew from her broad passion, deep knowledge and patience.”

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Abel Rodríguez

violinist Residentie Orkest


“clases dinámicas y ricas en conocimientos que, junto a su carisma, hará que el tiempo pase volando y estés ansioso por tener la siguiente.”

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Nikoleta Vasilaki

violin student


“Mara is a dedicated teacher, with a lot of respect, patience and passion for music, she helped me a lot to overcome many technical difficulties of the instrument and to express myself better. Above all, it has been a great inspiration, giving me the elements to develop my musical personality.”

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Nataša Grujić

violinist, guest Nederlands Kamerorkest


Mara is a wonderfully personal and dedicated teacher who will go outside of the box , to the moon and back , to infinity and beyond, to bring love and knowledge for music in a way that speaks to YOU.


Pauline Koning

violinist & programmer Bach Festival Dordrecht 

The Netherlands

Mara is a great teacher: not only for the viola and the technical side of things, but for music in the general. She has a great ear for detail and a very wide spectrum of techniques, explanation and excercises to reach the musical approach you want. And most importantly she is very fun to work with and has a great sense of humour, so lessons will always be fun.

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violin student


i just had my first lesson with Mara. After watching this video i felt really motivated to look into my flaws that i might make. She took her time to really help me understand what i can do better and how. I did not feel one moment frustrated because she is teaching in a really calming way. You can also tell that she knows what she is talking about. All in all a great teacher!

Alexander F.

violin student


I booked Mara for a 30 min beginners lesson with the violin. As this was the first lesson Mara assessed my current level and we went through some basics on the history of the violin and general advice on posture, in particular how to position the violin. Communication was excellent and finding a time for a lesson was fast and uncomplicated. Mara was very understanding and the lesson had a good mixture of feedback and teaching something new. Highly recommended :)

Maria P.

violin student

United States

Mara is an AMAZING teacher. She is very kind and observant. Not to mention, if you don’t understand something she will explain it in a different way until you get it. She is the only teacher I’ve been with that encourages their student to send a follow up video. I will definitely book more classes with her!

Melina Montes

cellist,  guest Mahler Chamber Orchestra, Radio Symphony Orchestra Frankfurt


He tenido el placer de trabajar con Mara en diversas oportunidades. Además de conocer su trayectoria, su experiencia , y su gran dominio técnico y musical, destaco su pasión y constante dedicación por el trabajo . Es una educadora nata y altamente profesional.

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Maite Neri

flute lecturer, Zaragoza Conservatory


Mara es una excelente profesora. Sus clases son muy didácticas y amenas. Además de una gran músico, es una gran docente. Se explica muy bien y de manera sencilla. Como alumno sales de clase con gran motivación y con ganas de aprender más. Recomiendo a Mara 100%.

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